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iDoctor is one of its kind national resource and promoter of the use of advanced remote medical technologies.

The healthcare services we offer are unique, yet very accessible. All you need, as a patient, is a PC and internet access! The iDoctor platform connects you to a certified primary care physician at our telemedical centre 24/7 365 days a year via secure video consultation. The physician will attend you, resolve your health problem or order necessary tests; or refer you to our own specialist for a further virtual or face-to-face visit at our clinic. We will constantly and immaculately monitor your health conditions via the provided kit of remote devices in case you suffer from a chronic disease or are a post acute patient.

iDoctor's team strives for the best: gathering top healthcare providers together to deliver healthcare services to the highest standards of our patients and their most satisfaction. Top national public and private hospitals, independent laboratories and pharmacy chains are also very keen to get involved in our services.

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